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        Change is more than appearance.
        Date:2017-04-02 10:57:45 Click:

        Today, Condenser Microphones microphones are changing with each passing day, with more and more beautiful appearance, more and more peculiar shape and more complex functions. However, its core technology has not broken through all the year round.


        EDMiCN's brand-new advertising film shows you a microphone from creative inspiration, development of patent core components, functional, appearance design, to production and testing and marketing; it fully shows the whole process of a microphone from design. It also introduces the scientific research capability of the bottom core components of EDMiCN: research and development from the acoustics and fluid mechanics, with the help of computer simulation physical model, a new full-coverage capsule has been developed. EDMiCN, challenge the limit of sound quality, make your voice more real and full of details.

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