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        The quality of products and the measurement standards
        Date:2019-04-02 14:09:10 Click:

        The quality of products needs to be guaranteed by scientific data, scientific data needs precise instrument measurement, and precise instrument needs strict measurement standards.

        The reason why EDMiCN products can achieve good response, the bottom of the background noise, good transient is inseparable from the measurement standard.

        It is well known that the perception limit of the human ear to bass is about 20 Hz, the wavelength of sound wave at 20 Hz is 17 meters, and a room of 81 square meters and 3 stories is needed to accommodate half of the sound wave at 20 Hz. If you add layers of walls, the volume of this anechoic room is almost equal to a small villa.

        The noise of ED206 is 14dB, converted into a voltage of about 0.000002V. In order to isolate external disturbances, the room needs to be constructed into a structure of "suspended shock absorber - concrete - polyester cotton - concrete - clay - silencing felt - keel - silencing cotton - density plate - silencing cotton - composite plate - wedge". Such a "qualified" muffler room, the cost is high, also includes land prices in Shanghai,under its feet.

        As an instrument for measuring products, if it is not accurate, the quality of products can not be guaranteed. As a measuring instrument, its accuracy needs to reach nV level, even Germany and Japan, which are big industrial powers, are afraid to do so. At present, it is recognized that the best audio measuring instruments are manufactured by Denmark, whose monopoly price is millions or even tens of millions.

        Good voice, good products, can not be separated from the complex, expensive measurement standards.

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