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        EDMiCN released a number of new products at Shanghai Intex Exhibition
        Date:2019-10-23 14:12:14 Click:

        In the past 2019 Shanghai Intex Exhibition,EDMiCN released ED340、ED160S、ED209 Three new microphones,and two new capsules Independent and development by EDMiCN。

        ED160S and ED209 use new processes and materials,black gold color,break the traditional color of the microphone,give people a new feeling and visual experience,and not afraid of the beauty of time passing. 

        In addition, EDMiCN also exhibited the latest development of two large diaphragm capsule. The capsule is the core component of the condenser microphone. It directly determines the core components of the microphone sound quality.

        Polym - Capsule

        Special for Multi-timber microphone

        Using a sensor to give Multi group signals under the condition that most parameters are the same . By adjusting the specific parameters of the cavity and their proportions, the sensor characteristics of most classical microphones can be simulated at the sensor level. With the digital processing, the classical microphones can be simulated "controllably". In particular, this adjustment can be parameterized and calculated.

        Minimalism - Capsule

        The Ultrathin acoustical chamber


        The volume and structure of the capsule will destroy the sound field. So the distance between the front and the back of the capsule is very important. Ultrathin structure, relatively smooth side, will minimize the capsule's reaction to the sound field. In the capsule, the patented 'chamber labyrinth' design was adopted to solve the damping loss caused by too small volume. 

        All complex designs are placed inside the capsule, and the simplest shape will bring the highest reductivity.


        EDMiCN help customers build ODM star products,also insist on independent research and development. At the same time release“EDMiCN” brand products, benefiting many domestic consumers。

        Last:The quality of products and the measurement standards

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